This is Marketing Automation

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Screenshot 2014-03-03 12.25.09     More qualified leads

Shorter sales cycle     Shorter sales cycles

No more cold cals     No more cold calls

The world is changing, so do you, so do your customers and so does your business

According to Gartner Research do 60 % of a modern purchase process happen online and the report predict that 85 % of the purchase process will happen online without any human interaction by the year of 2020.

Gartner Research

Is your business aligned with the changing purchase pattern of the future customer?

The modern purchase process

Purchase process.001

The modern purchase process starts with your customers searching for your service or product. You have to stand out visually, informatively and emotionally to earn your prospects attention.

Your result  =  Traffic  x  Conversion  x  Business value

First you need to gain exposure and traffic to your site. Next you have to design your site to convert as many prospects into leads as possible and finally you may calculate your result by multiplying your traffic, conversion rate and customer value to understand how an effort in optimising your digital revenue through marketing, sales and customer service could benefit you.

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Marketing Automation is about inbound marketing and conversion from prospects to leads. The marketing automation process starts after you succeed to convert a prospect into a lead. You are now able to automatically nurture your leads individually in a personal manner and pace. The lead will gain scores based on their interactions with your e-mail and website. Your job is to gain your customers trust and position yourself in their top-of-mind until they are ready to interact with sales. Like never before we now have tools to track our website visitors interest and segment them. Now we can be more relevant and personal in all our communication while we are scoring and tracking our leads through all their interactions with us.

Why you should do Marketing Automation

  • If you are looking for more leads
  • If you want to match your sales process with the modern purchase process
  • If you want to shorten your sales cycles by focusing on mature qualified leads
  • If you want to gain more qualified leads from your marketing
  • If you want to align marketing and sales  to optimise your organisations revenue stream
  • If you want to provide your sales organisation with lists sorted by purchase temperature
  • If you want your sales organisation to focus and use their time and energy on hot leads starting each day with a sale

If you want to know more about how you can get started feel free to contact us in your preferred language by clicking here.

This is how Marketing Automation works

Use web forms to exchange valuable information when positioning your self as an industry thought leader. This is an example:

Web Form Marketing Automation

As a marketer divide your message into relevant easy to digest chunks. First align with sales what a qualified lead is and then deliver filtered lists to sales for shorter sales cycle and higher ROI on your marketing efforts.

E-mail Marketing Automation


Let’s get you started?

We will get you started in three steps:

  1. Listen to you to give you a recommendation of the best marketing automation platform and strategy for your business.
  2. Develop a buyer persona for you to align marketing and sales to generate more qualified leads, shorten sales cycles and convert cold calls into sales calls.
  3. We will execute a pilot project in one month to prove the concept for you and your organisation.

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