Life as a digital nomad

Every now and then we stumble on articles about how happiness and freedom are related in a healthy lifestyle. Some of us will agree and pursue freedom, others prefer rules and frames to feel comfortable and happy. We live in a world and time when we are very aware of our happiness and our well being is our top priority. Many of us find our selves serving others and build our purpose on that. We value environment, knowledge and personal development higher than any materialistic treat.

When we start to surround our selves with like minded people we find our friends and partners in a comfortable materialistic state without any distractions from their happiness. It reminds me of the Swedish background I come from.

Living like a swede is comfortable but comfortable have never developed anyone. I believe stepping out of the comfort zone is our way to grow. When we get out of the comfort zone we sharpen our senses and there is where learning and growth really happens. So I moved to Brazil. What could be more out of the comfort zone than changing hemispheres, culture, language and more to pursue a dream of being a global citizen removing national boundaries and maximise freedom.

This is the first blog post from Israel where I am now for business and pleasure. Please let me know how you are pursuing your dreams and share your brave actions that led to something good and maybe unexpected.

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