This is why we choose to work with Marketing Automation

Why do we work with marketing automation? Some people do not even want to understand what it is about. They who do will finally doubt marketing automation because they are interested to give it a try and ask you: Why did you choose this business area? After more than two years in marketing automation industry the answer is as easy as understanding marketing automation.

This is the real reasons why we choose to work with marketing automation (with our left brain):

  • 110 vendors provide marketing automation platforms
  • $ 1,6 billion industry in the US (where it all begun)
  • 50 % annual industry growth the past years and still growing strong
  • Only 3 % penetration in non tech companies
  • Marketing automation users use less than 25 % of the full potential of the platforms

After introducing marketing automation to the business world in Sweden we are now opening the Brazil market with populations bigger in some cities than the population of some European countries. Post a comment or send an e-mail and get started for free.

Let us know about your business and if we can help you from step zero to one. The rest is up to you!

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