Break Down the Silos and Promote Harmonious Collaboration

“The digital strategy of an organization cannot live at brand level. Digital action needs to be managed above the silos and must be driven by overarching business objectives,” says Ed Stening, Senior Manager of Social Media at Zoeist, a speaker at this week’s Multichannel Engagement USA conference.

In a pre-summit Q&A, Stening shared his key insights into how to overcome the traditional, siloed mentality towards sales and marketing which has always been counter-productive for improving both functions across the business.

Stening notes that the industry keeps committing the same faux pas, attempting to measure digital successes and failures using the same outdated metrics and approaches. “When it comes to evaluating the performance of each activity, it seems our industry is doing one of two things (or both): not looking beyond the 2005 style metrics like bounce rate and number of visitors, or they aren’t actually measuring at all post-campaign – which is even more heartbreaking.”

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