Marketing Automation for Seminars

Seminars are a great way to sell services. If you are using seminars as a sales activity you should keep on reading. This blog is about how you can use Marketing Automation to cut the boring and time consuming administration:

  1. Invitation
  2. Confirmation
  3. Reminders
  4. Sharing presentation
  5. Follow up
  6. Provide sales with sorted qualified leads

Let’s get down to the point. Every seminar begins with a topic addressing a selected segment of potential business opportunities. Your marketing automation tool can help you segment your visitors and point on the hottest topic to focus on. By using the analytic tools your marketing automation platform provides you can see what pages, products and services your website visitors are visiting.

After analysing the data you are ready to make a landing page with a webform for the seminar about your chosen topic. Think of announcing:

  • Description about the seminar
  • Date, time, price and place
  • Ask for the information you need in the webform

Webform process example:

Web Form Marketing Automation

When you are ready with the landing page and the webform you can start marketing the seminar. Use your e-mail lists. Filter your leads in your marketing automation platform to make your message personal and relevant. For example:

“Hello (name)!

This is a personal invitation to a seminar about Marketing Automation. The seminar is for marketing executives and you are invited to represent (company name)…

Seminar info…

Click here for more info and registration (landing page with more info and web form for registration).”

Seminar work flow marketing Automation.001As the picture show’s your marketing efforts will result in registrations and the majority will not act as you wish. The most natural is to send a reminder to those who did not open your invitation. To make sure you reach your goal of attending guests you might have to call for their attention, send them the landing page and make them register. You also know that you have to remind people one or two days ahead of the seminar making sure we don’t lose valuable leads attending the seminar. The majority of your guests will be happy to receive your presentation after the seminar and that’s also the hottest leads your sales should follow up.

If you agree on this steps mentioned above and represented in the picture. Why not automate all the steps? Automating the whole process with rules and time scheduling is easy, will save you a great amount of time, help you provide sales with sorted lists and  best of all all your communication will be personal, relevant and adjusted to each individual lead without any hands on work required from you. Of course you have to plan and set it up. Let us help you the first time and show you how it is done to help you start using the force of marketing automation. Click here to see how we do the first pilot project for you.


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