Marketing Automation for Recruitment

Are you taking advantage of your webpage when it comes to segmentation?

With marketing automation you can track every individuals intentions (clicks) with your site. It is very useful to identify if it is a potential talent or client visiting your webpage. If you have an inbound marketing strategy you will be able to exchange information for your leads e-mail address. It can be a study, an event or a newsletter.

Now when you know what each individual is doing on your site you can act on it. The marketing automation tool allows you to create segmented personal letters to approach your segment in an automatic way with triggers and time schedules.

When it comes to recruitment you can identify the most engaged and committed people. This approach will optimise your talent acquisition. If you manage your inbound strategy right you will be able to identify the right candidates and arrange qualified interviews with higher precision with less effort.

Marketing automation is mostly used to generate leads and shorten sales cycles. Now we made it applicable to recruitment processes as well. The only difference is that we are nurturing and selling our company as an workplace rather than a service supplier.

Want to know more and a case presentation?

Click here to let us know your recruitment goals and challenges.

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