Sales Love Marketing

Imagine what would happen to your sales organisation if they could start every single day with a certain successful sales call.

  • Do your marketing and sales organisation agree on what a MQL* and a SQL** is?
  • Do the marketing department have guidelines when to handle over SQL’s?
  • How much time can your organisation save on focusing marketing efforts to MQL’s and sales efforts to SQL’s?
*MQL – Marketing Qualified Leads
**SQL – Sales Qualified Leads


Traffic to Sales

Block 1

  • Your client search the web for a solution.
  • Your client get interested in your webpage.
  • Your client want to know more and fills a web-form to get your information and qualifies to a MQL.

Optimise Block 1 by generating traffic to your site (e.g. SEO and social media), make it appealing to your audience and design it to convert visitors to leads through the web-form.

Block 2

  • You send the requested material to the individual you now know.
  • The individual gets your info once or in a series of relevant, personal and digestible chunks.
  • We measure interaction and automate further lead nurturing until the lead is nurtured enough to qualify to a SQL.

Optimise Block 2 by creating value in every interaction with your MQL, position your self as a thought leader, build brand awareness and a personal relationship. Automatically of course. Measure, sort and filter the SQL’s to hand over to sales.

Block 3

  • Sales receive a sorted list with SQL’s. The SQL’s are already nurtured. Marketing has done a good job and sales can now focus on sales and trust marketing with their job.
  • Sales start the conversation with a personal and relevant approach.
  • Sales get mote qualified leads, shorter sales cycles and no more cold calls.

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