CRO stands for Client Revenue Optimiser

Gain great results through a genuine focus on bringing value to your customers through a common goal in marketing, sales and customer service strategy. Through a constant focus on revenue we align these three functions of your organisation to function in synergy with each other. We start to pair two functions in the first step and finally all three functions to drive recognition, sales and loyalty.

CRO core circles

Which functions would you cross as a first step in optimising your business result?

There are great tools for you to use such as Marketing Automation that allow you to cross marketing with sales and further with customer service, to up and cross sell to your existing customers.

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The Team

Sam Mirson

Sam Mirson started to work at thirteen and started his first company at sixteen. He has always been very passionate about what he do and is always striving to learn and accumulate knowledge in every new project. He started with pioneering a photo-service, changing the nightclub scene and further did a career in sales. He has done everything in sales from knocking doors and cold calling to managing and training sales departments.

In university he focused on marketing, psychology and entrepreneurship. During that period he provided jobs for students in marketing research while having Ipsos as a customer and got awarded for the best innovative business concept in Venture Cup.

To better understand where to position himself and his knowledge he organised experience exchange groups for three groups of interest:

  • Customer loyalty and CRM
  • Social media
  • E-commerce

The groups consisted of twenty executives in each group, each representing his or her industry. The structure let the executives from the major companies in Sweden to discuss challenges in their strategies with each other instead of asking for management consultant advice. Sam learned all existing challenges the major swedish companies was facing and was now able to apply all accumulated knowledge into services to provide strategies to maximise revenue.

Sam Mirson is currently providing services in revenue optimisation for major international companies based in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Stockholm (Sweden).

He has an entrepreneurial approach to everything he does. Business should be fun and about genuine passion. He is always working agile to maximise value and minimise risk for you. He will always sugest you to plan a project in an agile mindset based on creating minimal viable products or services. Build, test, evaluate, improve, or kill it.


Mateus Carvalho is an experienced marketeer with a strong background in sales. Mateus is specialized in traffic through adwords and social media. He is an excellent Portuguese copywriter and content manager.


Luiz Rodrigues is a brazilian growth hacker with PR, marketing and entrepreneurship background. He is very trusted for his strong proactive and analytical mindset. He is an expert in e-mail marketing, SEO, inbound marketing and mobile.

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